Treatments - Bao Zhi Tang
  • Body ache and pain; 身体疼痛
  • Frozen shoulder and Stiff neck; 肩周炎
  • Sciatica; 坐骨神经痛
  • Rheumatism; 风湿病
  • Spondylosis; 椎关节强硬
  • Sprain and injury; 运动损伤
  • Gout; 痛风
  • Tennis Elbow; 肘部发炎
  • Slipped Disc; 椎关节突出
  • Arm/Feet Numbness; 手、脚麻木
  • Insomnia and sleep disturbances; 失眠
  • Muscle ache, tightness. 肌肉酸痛
  • Migraine and Headaches. 偏头痛
  • Stress and general fatigue. 压力,疲劳
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Our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services are aimed at providing the best healthcare to customers to achieve the desired results.
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